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We finished the last week of raiding with a new progression kill! Chronomatic Anomaly was a difficult encounter but we managed to push it through and eventually get there which now puts us at 2/10M and hopefully means we will Trilliax down pretty soon.

Zam gets to be an Iceblock because Mages are doing great in Nighthold and he is the MVP :P On a sidenote we are recruiting many classes right now so if you are looking for a stable guild that will progress at a modest pace hit us up!

This previous Monday we had a pretty good night of raiding and managed to defeat both Heroic Gul'dan and Mythic Skorpyron. The door to more Mythic kills within Nighthold is now open so I hope everyone is ready to give it their all and achieve great things!

Group picture after our Gul'dan kill!

Skorpyron picture with some blood elf butts!

We came back from Christmas break with high hopes we would get Cenarius and Xavius down before Nighthold is released and grab the cutting edge achievement and this past Thursday we did just that by defeating both of them. Huge thank you to anyone that has been a part of our raid team and has gotten us to this point even if you weren't there for the kill!

The screenshot below brings us back around to the first shot of the expansion but atleast the raid group hasn't changed too dramatically.

Onward to Nighthold, hopefully we have similiar success there!

We Poked That Eye!

Sleepz posted Dec 10, 16

The news feed has been silent for a month now since we were working on Il'gynoth (and some other minor issues) but after many hours of attempts we finally manged to get him down on Thursday in what was possibly the closest kill to an enrage timer we have had all expansion. Great work to everyone that was there for the attempts even if you missed the kill, seeing progress be made every night made it all the easier to continue fighting this guy instead of clearing easier bosses once more.

We continued our great Mythic progression push this week and managed to take down the Dragons of Nightmare. The fight definitely went by faster than expected and now we start the real challenge with Il'gynoth and Cenarius coming up next which are by far the most challenging encounters in the Emerald Nightmare so hang on to your hats everyone, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

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